DC Dungeons has announced their Kickstarter and it has been wildly successful, having funded in under three days.  Here is their description and inspiration:

Looking around online in Dec of 2017 for affordable, portable, durable, good-looking dungeons sets – we were amazed at the beautiful, but, over-priced, heavy and bulky, or fragile sets that were out there. Admittedly, they were gorgeous, but who could afford them? They were so bulky you needed laundry baskets to carry them, or a permanent game room to house them! Or, they’d chip or break if dropped!

3D-printed versions would cost almost as much in filament and take dozens if not hundreds of hours of time for a person to print themselves as well. What an incredible waste of everyone’s money, time, and energy.

So that led us to develop an affordable, portable, durable, good-looking dungeon set. We put our small product developer outfit to work and did our best to keep costs low without sacrificing quality.

We injection mold our parts to keep them cost-effective to pass the savings to you.

We use renewable natural fibers and recyclable materials wherever we can.

We purchase materials and manufacture from inside the US.

Hope you enjoy!


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DC Dungeons Website: www.dirtcheapdungeons.com

Kickstarter: Click Here 

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