I was recently able to get a sneak peak, no perception check required, at DC Dungeons dungeon walls.  These are great for the on-the-go DM.  They are easily broken down into small sections and just as easily assembled.  If you want to throw them together as your party ventures through a dungeon, they are quickly assembled with small tabs.  Doors are optional and can be popped in and out fairly easily.  Due to the light weight material, I would be sure to use a good quality battle mat, something that doesn’t have a lot of creases, or that will lay flat.  Although small, they seem to be very durable and the specific material used has a slightly rough texture, giving them a very realistic feel and look.  These guys are firing on all cylinders with this product and have a lot of plans for stretch goals and future additions.  Be sure to check out their Kickstarter and consider picking out a set.    

DC Dungeons Website: www.dirtcheapdungeons.com

Kickstarter: Click Here

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