Reviews & How-To’s

We currently have one written review and will be adding to YouTube and Pinterest.  A How-To section is also coming soon!  As we are just getting started with reviews of various books and products, while we build the site, please feel free to visit some of the great resources that we’ve found helpful.  

An über Dungeons and Dragons fanatic, Mr. Tarrasque reviews books, supplements and character builds.  He is a joy to watch and very passionate about D&D.  Check him out and consider supporting him on Patreon.  Click on More Info to see some of our favorites.

A writer, a gamer and a writer of games!  Matthew Colville is a God among mere mortal Dungeon Masters.  He shares his passion for D&D and shows you how to make your adventures legendary.  Click More Info to see some videos and the book that he successfully Kickstarted, which ultimately lead to the start of his company MCDM Productions.


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