Dirt Cheap Dungeons - Dungeon Wall Tiles & More

DC Dungeons launched a Kickstarter on Halloween, 2018. They’ve developed a great dungeon wall tile product at an affordable price. They gave me an opportunity to see the products and get a bit of hands on time. Click on the More Info button for their Kickstarter details and much more.

legendary dragons

JetPack7 - Legendary Dragons

JetPack7 is amassing a tome of epic proportions, filled with dragons of all types and sizes. Have a look and get your hands on a copy.



Many-Sided Dice - Lost Artifacts of Greyghast

Many-Sided Dice put a lot of work into this very large book, which contains magic items with a ton of information for each. You may have missed the extremely successful Kickstarter, but you can still get this great book.